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The Challenge

Club sports, unlike the NCAA and major varsity sports, require funding directly from the athletes. Club teams must maintain a budget that permits them to compete in tournaments, maintain proper equipment, travel and stay nationwide, buy meals and occasionally even provide officiating. Depending on the level of competition and the nature of the sport, a club’s expenses can range from $500 to more than $100,000 each year. Additionally, participants likely have little to no sales or fundraising experience.

The Environment

In order to continue to strengthen club sport, club leaders must efficiently manage their team’s finances. These leaders will need robust fundraising schemes and tools to help manage the funds. The demands of today require leaders to manage the club like a business. They have to implement sales tactics, data tracking to create opportunities for their fundraising efforts.

The Solution

eWorldtouch a web hosting company a premier reseller of Godaddy.com. has created a program that will allow university and college club sports to fundraise while collecting the markup donations the business pay either monthly or annually all online on your Club Sport branded site. by offering our services to the many business and alumni who own business allowing them to support their local or favorite school’s club sport with a service that is needed!


How does this work, simple?

Once your Club sign up online reselling our hosting plans a template generates your Fundraising site in minutes. A few questions are required so we can deposit your earnings into the Club’s bank account or PayPay account.  You have an opportunity to name your Club site or upload your logo, so the customers know they are supporting your Club Sport.


Next the Club can set the rates or use our standard sale rate which make up to 40% on each site or products.  Simple fast and easy!  We do ALL the backend and support 24/7 answering all the support calls with your Club Sport name and will even upsell the customer for you if needed.


Next Steps...

If you are hosting somewhere else we will help you migrate your site to our hosting free. If you are just starting we have all the tools and videos to help you or give us a call.