25,000th Client Sweepstake

In 2018, we are pushing for 100,000 new Clients using our platform for their hosting needs. But To make it fun for our new Clients we have setup some huge promotion packages!

Now it gets exciting! As we continue to strive for 100,000th new Clients in 2018 at the 25,000th new Client we will increase the Cash Sweepstakes.  The Cash prizes for the 25K Sweepstake:

Grand Prize of $25,000 but there are plenty chances to be a winner! At this level of new Clients will be awarding 10 second place winners each receiving $2,500!! Oh but it get better there are 200 third prize winners at $250!!!

We will promote this 25K sweepstake after reaching each 25,000 grouping of new clients in 2018. But there is more…

So, come sign up for the best web hosting company with amazing Products and the BEST Client Services hands down!