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eWorldtouch is a worldwide web hosting service provider for over 16 years. We have designed a disruptive but unique reseller program that will allow university and college club sports to generate Recurring Cash Fundraising.

We believe Club Sports plays a major role in the students’ development.  They learn team work, organizational skills, communications and civic duties.  The beauty of Club Sports, it doesn’t discriminate there are clubs for all, from Disk Golf, Crew, Archery, Paintball, Cycling to many more, anyone can participate and learn.  The pressures of competition teach student how to address stressful situations personally and as a team.

We see so many benefits that Club Sports play into shaping the lives of a young college adult looking to find their way into the business world and society.  We designed this program to help in fundraising with a disruptive approach providing a compounding residual donation. While on the way the student also learns how to be a young entrepreneur in a business to business environment.

Not one student is receiving a scholarship or will be placed in the school’s hall of fame, why, because not a lot of attention at the club level. Students do this because this is the first time that they can do something cool, learn, have fun or just simply be introduced to a sport without pressure. They do it because they will make new friends all across the country.  But most of the time they fall in love with the sport and the club. Typical university financing is a few thousand dollars. Facing a short fall of cash, the clubs solicit sponsorships from the community and seek donations from alumni who played the sport or the benevolence of the business community.

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