Does my club have to buy anything?

This service is totally FREE to join our Product Fundraising Program.

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How does compounding help?

Each and every new client your club recruits would normally pay for the year, so then the next year that same client is auto debited their account and then you get paid.  So, this program is designed to build each year, thus compounding your clubs revenue. Example: in year #1 you place 100 new clients, for that year you get the funds from the 100 clients. Then in year #2 you add another 100 new clients, for that year #2 you get the previous 100 from year #1 in addition to the 100 new clients from year #2. Think big! Let’s say in year #3 you add 150 new clients so the total billing clients for year #3 is 350 billing clients!

Where is customer service?

Our support team is located in the United States supporting all time zones 24/7. We answer calls for you and resolve any issues.

Why do I need the Club bank account and routing number?

Club Bank Account Number and bank Routing Number – So our company can deposit your club money directly to your Club Account monthly. Please make sure that the account information is updated to ensure correct deposits to the Club’s Account.

How does my club help customers find/pay for the products?

Once you have gathered the required information from the customer, you will then submit that information in your portal. Our company then is able to send the product information for the customer to purchase from our store. Once the customer purchases the product we can then mark and pair that customer’s annual subscription to your club’s profile. From then on, it’s all taken care of.

Yes, our store takes all major credit cards and PayPal. We process all payments, so you don’t need your own merchant account.

What if additional programming for my customer’s website is needed?

Our company will provide professional help to get their website’s needs handled. This will charge a small added fee to the customer for the service.

Will the customer ever call the Club asking for support?

No, our web site has our support phone number prominently displayed in the upper right of each page on the site. Your club does not need to do anything past introducing them to our service.

Who collects the money?

We process all payment transaction on our storefront, so you don’t need a merchant account and we deposit directly to you Club account all amounts due to the Club on a monthly.

Can we see all our customers?

Yes, we provide you with monthly reports sent directly to your club email account.

How does my Club Sport Start?

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